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Gaura productions aims at providing a holistic audio designing solution for all your sound productions. We have an extensive love for music and sound that helps us walk towards the goal of achieving perfection in tracks and sounds. With proper editing and unquestionable sound mixing, your tracks will now gain that extra edge to make an impact. We aim at perfection and provide a basket of music mixing, recording and professional audio services. We can also help you to carve out a proper plan that will make your music better than the others. We have dedicated professionals who ensure to cater the most phenomenal audio outcomes to match your requirements

We offer superior music composing services. Right from composing, production, editing and correction, we make a completely market ready track available to you. we can compose music in multiple styles and genres as per the customized need of the clients. You can discover the most affordable deals for your tracks from Gaura productions. We will guide and fully equip you with all sorts of music composing. You can now find the best music composition specialists at your help. We cover all the domains of music composing right from arranging and song engineering. We also specialize in tuning, remixing and hence create an overall all rounder music track. Vocal corrections, transcripting and podcast editing are also included in our service list. Avail the best sound composing services from the house of Gaura productions.

With better sound mixing, the tracks become alive and caters to the particular needs of the target audience base, Gaura productions is an expert at providing phenomenal sound mixing services at the best prices. We have been offering a high-end audio mastering and mixing services for the last 5 years with global appreciation and excellent client reviews as returns. You can now get the sound that you had always aspired for from the house of Gaura productions. We have professionals who have mastered the art of sound mixing and are geniuses in extracting the best of your audio tract to reinforce the track to be even better. We are always at your service to turn your tracks into magical enchantments.

We provide affordable and professional online mastering services. We cater our clients with exquisite and unmatched quality of crisp and dynamic audio tracks. We aim at creating futuristic sounds completely professional in outcome. Our mastering services will gift you completely clean and consistent tracks. We prefer both manual and automated mastering services at your discretion. Mastering is an absolute mandate when it comes to uplifting your tracks to a professional quality. You can trust us with your mastering requirements. We have a high turn over rate in terms of mastering services. We have fixed the charges of mastering at a nominal level so that it becomes affordable for all

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  • Gaura Productions, S4, Radha Florence, Rukmani Vihar, Vrindavan, U.P.- 281121