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A picture says millions of words and far effectively than verbal words. Gaur productions lives up to all your expectation regarding the superior designing of your deemed photographs. We offer professional photography designing services for your events, websites and digital marketing uses. With the use of the designed photographs from Gaura productions, your websites and digital marketing prefaces can turn into visual story tellers. We offer event photography designing, corporate photography designing and also lifestyle photography designing. It is time for you to empower your digital presence with pure high definition designed photographs

We are an experienced video editing organization and extend our arms to reach out to individual photographers, videographers and so forth. We provide excellent quality editing services at affordable rates. You can definitely opt for our post production video editing services. Sound editing, transitions, color corrections and many, more to make your videos stand out in the herd and create amazing presence

Let your event reach out to millions of people and meet your target audience through our event promos services. We expertise at short video ads, video editing, slideshow videos, designing of flyers, apps and website previews. We also provide various brand management services and celebrity services. Gaura productions helps business start ups and digital marketers to create promotional videos that can promote business startups, various services and products. We also promote various events, shows, concerts, festivals through online event promotion services. Superior promotional intros at nominal prices are our specialty

In the era of digitization, incorporation of suitable graphics addas new edge to the words you want to convey. Gaura productions engages in new age and highly convincing graphic designing for various set ups. We create fully customized graphics to fetch high end advantages for your requirements. Our team of experienced skilled graphic designers analyze your purpose and cater with perfect graphical outcomes. Be it covers, website graphics, banner designing or restoration of phots, we practically deal with all the ins and outs. We can till around large volumes of graphics work and stick to precise deadlines. Our team is indeed fortified with extremely talented graphic designers

We are highly experienced in chroma key compositioning. Gaura productions is able to create various chroma based visual post productions effects. We completely customize the end result to suit the demands of the client. We have a complete set up for lighting and back drop support system. We can also fix your bad chroma shoots. We constantly work in creating best ever chroma set ups to match your needs. We come up with new chroma set up techniques that will redefine your whole image concept

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